Sakura Cherry Blossom Flower
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Pressed hydrangea flower
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Watercolor sakura flower or cherry blossom.

"Beneath the Sakura: My Journey as a Jane of All Trades"

Welcome to my world, a tapestry woven with myriad passions and pursuits.

If you asked me to sum up who I am, I'd say it's a journey – one that might span a year or two of blog posts, and even then, we'd only be scratching the surface. My friends often chuckle, dubbing me a "Jane of All Trades," and they're not far off. I'm a mosaic of loves and interests, like many flowers in the garden of life each clamoring for its moment in the sun. But the real art, I've found, is in mastering one thing at a time, and that's precisely why I'm here.

In the world of Mompreneurs, there's a palpable need for direction and guidance. That's the gap I'm here to fill. If it were up to me, I'd dabble in everything. But for now, my focus is on sharing my experiences and stories, letting you in on the authentic me. It may take a while, but as you journey with me, I hope my love for sharing shines through – because I truly care and want the best for you.

Presently, I am going through a difficult lifestyle transition due to a chronic illness Psoriasis. It’s stopped me from my tracks and become completely homebound for a few months. I’m normally very active and exercise daily. Except for my food,I have to eat cleaner and lock up all the chocolates from my Christmas stash and hopefully resurrect by Easter. I hope I lose the cravings by then because it hurts to even take a shower. The psoriasis is all over my face and mostly my back. It burns, bleeds and I wake up with blood stains on my pillow case and shirt. There are no ointments the doctors can prescribe the helps. So far it’s all controlled in my food intake and cleaning my gut.

It’s ok, I’m a fighter and I will find my way.

Tulip Flower
Tulip Flower

“Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt.”

My husband and I travel quite a bit and this was one of our last travel. It was to go to a Funnel Hacking Live event in Florida. It was a dream come true and just this September I have partnered up with an old friend of mine. He approached me about Digital Marketing and wanted to start a business. So he flew us in to get motivated, excited and to help launch our plans.

I predicted that it would be a SEPTEMBER to REMEMBER and I even created a Facebook cover to hype myself up for the event.

Boy, was I ever prophetic!

It was so wild and an exhilarating 8hrs days. A rock concert for digital marketers and we enjoyed every moment of it.

While being in Orlando, Florida where Disney magic happens for families, this Funnel Hacking Live event was in my opinion where magic and dreams materialize! It was amazing and I was ready to get this business off the ground. Except one morning after such a high from the previous event, I woke up to a nightmare and I looked like I was bitten by a hundred of killer bees in my sleep.

A New Adventure Unfolds

Fast forward to today, it has been almost 5 months that I’ve had this psoriasis re-occurence. Sadly, our very last trip was to meet our son in Las Vegas which was his treat and we had a chance to explore the Grand Canyons. We were supposed to be on a cruise this month but it just wasn’t meant to be. I was more frustrated that my New Years goals and plans have been delayed.

At least that’s what I thought it was but to be precise, it’s just a re-alignment and recalibration.

Thanks to my

Psoriasis Paralysis.

life is an adventure sticker

I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in learning and I was ready to implement all that I know and make millions with this new partner. He was willing to place all bets on me because he can see my drive and skills for digital business.

This ‘Psoriasis Paralysis’ made me stop in my tracks and something inside told me that it’s not exactly my path. This is exactly why I left all my other passions behind me to pursue My Path!

Funny how things happen. It is not the first time I’ve been stopped in my track so that I can be redirected.

and so the adventure begins sticker
Road Icon

Pain, pain go away!

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”

Moving forward, I don’t go out much and when I do it’s to the doctors visits.

So I started blogging again and do less YouTube videos which I hesitantly started last year.

It was tough, I sucked really bad but at some point I began to get better and started liking it. The hardest part was liking myself and going through my self-image and confidence.

I kept comparing myself with others and how I wasn’t good , smart, pretty enough!It helped when I titled my first video season series

“Shine Imperfectly”

Empowering others to Be Real and Raw like Rose!

This Psoriasis Paralysis have made me realize what I already had

and now I am truly humbled. It also allowed me to be more patient with myself, kinder and to care for my body.

Our health is our wealth and no amount of money can replace that!

I also truly began to love myself with all my imperfections. I just want this pain to subside, to come off my sleeping pills to forget the pain. There are days I can’t floss my teeth because it’s hard to open my mouth. My back often feels like the skin is ripping apart and sometimes my eyes burn. I don’t understand why these doctors can’t find treatments. I don’t mind looking horrible for now, I just want the pain to to go away. However I do know the triggers and what foods to avoid. I also know that I have to not stress so much and keep myself calm. I am learning a great deal on nutrition and gut health and how it all starts in what we put in it.

Introducing: A.I-Rosie

So as usual, I began to get inventive and to think

outside the box. I’ve always wanted to clone myself so I did!

This is where I created my clone and assistant A.I-Rosie!

A younger, prettier and smarter version of me!

Before and After

Polaroid Frame

“Bloom where you’re planted!”

Polaroid Frame
Polaroid Frame
Polaroid Frame
Sakura Cherry Blossom Flower
Cute Polaroid Frame
Cherry Blossom with bird
Cute Polaroid Frame
Cute Polaroid Frame
Cute Retro Polaroid

There’s no need for

-shopping for clothes


-photographer or expensive photo shoots

-make-up artist

-hair salons

-personal trainer or gym

-teeth whitener

and it’s endless!

You save a lot of money, time and energy!

with A.I-Rosie

Psoriasis Paralysis

When we fall ill, we look at life with a different set of lenses. You start to reflect more deeply and ask... Have I done it all?

Well as for me, being a multi-passionate Jane, it never feels like it.

However if I could truly be honest...

I have done almost all but ONE!

That’s to BECOME that person I was meant to be! Not that I am not already living a great life. I feel blessed and feel like I have all that I need. I don’t need much. I just feel like I have a calling that’s not yet fulfilled and that I haven’t fully blossomed yet.

This is when I began thinking of the Sakura tree and how beautiful it is.

This physical illness has given me an even greater clarity in how I must set my goals.

Life is unpredictable and fleeting, kind of like how cherry blossoms bloom beautifully but briefly. Such delicate blossoms, symbolizing life's fragile yet striking beauty, deeply move me. This realization spurs a desire to live with purpose and depth, striving to build a life as strong and enduring as the roots of a sakura tree, rather than merely pursuing ephemeral joys.

Watercolor sakura flower or cherry blossom.

In building a business, the Sakura tree is my evergreen, something that will last a long time as opposed to a garden full of flowers that comes and goes. But in my case, I love to create and share my beautiful surroundings.

My love for sakura trees is perhaps intertwined with the color pink and my fondness for sushi – who knows!

If I had it my way, I would be sitting under a blooming sakura, enjoying sushi, lost in a book, or just riding a bike to balance the indulgence.

First Business on HOLD: Playgarden

IF I could just...

PLAY ALL DAY, I would! Creating businesses and designing spaces, transforming, decorating, event planning, purchasing, partying, socializing and the list goes on. This was the place for it.

And I just had to put Sakura trees everywhere. This love has led me to incorporate sakura trees into several cherished places, like the children's playground I turned into an instagrammable playgarden and changed it’s entire business model to accomodate moms health and wellness needs as well.

I truly enjoyed transforming this space and turning that 3.2 Google review into a 4.5. It was tough but it was worth it. Everyone that came in felt like they were in Wonderland and wondered how I can turn a noisy, dirty playground into a beautiful warm, inviting and serene space!

My partner and I did magic but unfortunately, I took a long sabbatical leave for quite some time now. I did this to pursue that ONE THING that’s most important. I’m still consulted in some of it’s operations and give marketing advice when needed. One day I will go back to fulfill it’s potential.

2nd Business on HOLD: Interior/Organization Design

IF I could just..

Do interior design, decorate and create all day I would be in heaven. This is why the playground was so fun to transform. Once I left the playground, I needed to organize my home and my own office space. Turns out, I miss decorating and recalled the days when I was very organized at home when the kids were young. I also saw the need to have the right environment to be able to work from home. With all the days working at the playground beautifying it, my home was a mess. So I prioritized my home.

I was inspired so I opened up a home office interior/organization business with my employee at the playground. We both love event planning, decorating so we created our new office space and partnered up for that interior design venture and decided it could wait. However, I see it coming together in the very near future. And I can’t wait to share the experience with you and the Secret Digital Garden that I want to create.

Current Business Project: Blogging/Digital Life Design

For now, I’m glad to be home under my own sakura tree in my humble little office. This is where I find solace and inspiration and where it all begins. I just have to pretend it’s like the pandemic days when we were all quarantined. But when you have a beautiful environment to work in, it’s easy to work. I can be very happy at home. I love my little humble abode.

As I navigate the rough waters of my psoriasis battles, I welcome you to join me on this path. We'll explore the highs and lows together, embracing the imperfections and sharing stories because we care. Every challenge is a chance for growth, and every shared experience is a step toward healing and understanding.

So, let's embark on this journey beneath the sakura, shall we? Together, we'll discover the strength and beauty in living a life that's as vibrant and fleeting as the cherry blossoms themselves. 🌸📖🚴‍♀️💕



I may not be your regular coach or guru claiming to make millions or even 6-figures a month or whatever they are promising us to make nowadays.

However, I feel that I am super rich and blessed with what feels like a million tiny little munchkins whirling and twirling my world and making me the youngest Grandma or Glamma I know!

Yes you heard me right!!! 😂

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